Friday, November 5, 2010

Smurf Mushroom House Bong

Based on this Smurf House toy[] I had a really good idea for a bong.

Basically to walk you through it, first look at just the house sitting there. Looks just like a toy, right? Well hidden inside is the sickest smoking device I have ever conceived. Basically you put a bowl into a hidden downstem behind the planter, in the second floor window and smoke out the chimney... So just add your own bowl and it goes from toy to bong in one seamless transition.

I know what your thinking right now.. "Cool, but its not that great, you are just smoking out of a mushroom house shaped bong." Well, in the words of Billy Mays: BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!

For you see, under the lid of said bong is a most complex little arrangement. Inside the roof of the bong there is a small water bottle, pipes, some wires and batteries.

The water chamber was difficult to start with because the water level is at the same level as the bowl, so I had to make a high U-bend so the water didn't just pour right out. I also had to make the container small enough to fit under the lid and still accessible to change out the water.

The battery and wires are hooked up to a switch which is just under the edge of the roof on the wall, so you can press it without taking off the lid, but is still hidden. The switch controls a light in the main chamber of the bong.

The main chamber, 'la pi├Ęce de resistance' if you will, of the bong. Inside the doors and windows, is the main chamber for the smoke. The windows and doors are sealed in with clear plastic cut from 2L pop bottles (see glare on image) so you can still open and close them without breaking the seal. If you look inside, you find 3 smurfs, each modified and repainted to look as though they are smoking. One is holding a pipe, one a joint, and the third a bong.

Now here is where it really gets cool. When you smoke out of it, the chamber fills with smoke. So when you look in, what do you see, but a bunch of smurfs hot boxing their mushroom house! And the very best bit is if you leave a little smoke in the chamber, as you pass, you can see little wiffs coming out the chimney!

So to sum up I guess its a mushroom house bong where 3 smurfs look like their hotboxing their house, and it even lights up! Looks sick in a dark room! Hope you enjoyed reading about this bong, and if you have any ideas for improvement, let me know!

Some ideas I already had were putting the address 420 on the outside, and what I would love to do is add furniture and decorations to the inside.. The issue being that there is such a limit on space and I dont want to make it look cheesy.

Happy Toking!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zapper Pipe NES

This pipe I actually had the idea for when I was working on another video game controller piece (which still isn't finished, lol) but was simple to do, and turned out pretty well.

Basically the idea was to be able to smoke out of the NES Zapper (Orange 'Duck Hunt' Gun). And since no water chamber or anything is involved it was surprisingly simple to do!

What I did was open it up (splits right down the middle into two half-guns). Once inside it was a simple matter to strip the extra stuff in there, and cut away some of the plastic in the barrel. Then, because it would be way to hard to make the entire inside air tight, I just ran a hose down from the tip of the barrel to where the cord originally was in the handle. The idea being that you smoke out of the barrel, and the bowl is in the handle.

The only dificulty I ran into was attaching the bowl. Due to space limitations I had to attach the metal bowl right to the plastic tube, which bothered me for 2 reasons. The first being I that I wanted to keep the screw-bit of the stem so I could screw on and remove the bowl, which wasn't a big loss.. But the second was more serious. Metal bowls heat up, and since it was attached to plastic which is toxic when smoked, I had to add a heat sink, which is just a copper coil wound around the inside of the bowl and off to the side.

Apart from that I just reglued in the trigger, and put it back together. I wish I could have maintained the spring of the trigger you could actually pull back, but there is just no room inside the gun for it.

Anyways, it pulls quite well, and I really like how clean the piece turned out.

Happy Toking!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Asian Glow

So a few months back a few of my buddies got a Texas Mickey[] of Crown Royal Whiskey, and when they finished it I asked them if they had any plans for the bottle. They didn't, but also didn't want to just return it. So I suggested they give it to me to make a bong!

This one was pretty simple.. I had been pondering on how to make glass bottles into bongs for a while already. My biggest problem is I only have a hand drill, and even with the right bit to drill glass, it so often shatters anyways (Anyone with experience drilling into bottles, please say so in comments! Lets chat!). So I devised a way to do all the modifications to just the lid.

Basically, I drilled 2 holes in it, one for the downstem, and one for the hose. The reason I had to use hose is 1) its awkward to hold and pass, and 2) without it your mouth would be right beside where the bowl was burning, ouch!

To change the water simply unscrew the lid, otherwise just leave on your coffee table, out a bowl into the downstem, pass the hose, and enjoy!!

Now, Im sure you are all wondering about the name, "Asian Glow". Well, my buddy who bought it gets the worst asian glow[] when drinking whiskey, so I named it after him since its his whiskey bottle.

The only major change I would still like to do is switch the cheap plastic hose I had for a real hookah hose, with nice end piece and such... Yet another thing I'll have to get to eventually!

Till then,

Happy Toking!