Sunday, August 29, 2010

Asian Glow

So a few months back a few of my buddies got a Texas Mickey[] of Crown Royal Whiskey, and when they finished it I asked them if they had any plans for the bottle. They didn't, but also didn't want to just return it. So I suggested they give it to me to make a bong!

This one was pretty simple.. I had been pondering on how to make glass bottles into bongs for a while already. My biggest problem is I only have a hand drill, and even with the right bit to drill glass, it so often shatters anyways (Anyone with experience drilling into bottles, please say so in comments! Lets chat!). So I devised a way to do all the modifications to just the lid.

Basically, I drilled 2 holes in it, one for the downstem, and one for the hose. The reason I had to use hose is 1) its awkward to hold and pass, and 2) without it your mouth would be right beside where the bowl was burning, ouch!

To change the water simply unscrew the lid, otherwise just leave on your coffee table, out a bowl into the downstem, pass the hose, and enjoy!!

Now, Im sure you are all wondering about the name, "Asian Glow". Well, my buddy who bought it gets the worst asian glow[] when drinking whiskey, so I named it after him since its his whiskey bottle.

The only major change I would still like to do is switch the cheap plastic hose I had for a real hookah hose, with nice end piece and such... Yet another thing I'll have to get to eventually!

Till then,

Happy Toking!

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