Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey Bear + News

This is a honey bear bong I made for a friend of mine. She used to have a little store bought one, but it got lost. This was super easy to do, and cheap as well! The bottle was an old honey bottle, washed out, and I got the rubber rings from an old bong my friend melted (but you can pick them up at any head shop). I bought the bowl and stem for $2. I also used a drill. Straightforward to make...
Inspired by ROOR I also drilled out the bottom of the stem, to help diffuse the smoke bubbles in the water. I really like the way it all turned out. Its air tight, and pulls great! I think the rubber rings also give it a really finished look.

Now for big news. I am super busy in RL at the moment, and in about 2 weeks time it should die down enough to give me some time for this. Ive been working on an amazing new project, and Im not ready to reveal it just yet, but with 2 months of planning behind it I think you guys will really enjoy it. So keep checking back, updates coming soon


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